Founder and leader of the musical band; author of music, lyrics and videos, lead vocal (from 2014). Co-author of the Russian satirist Mikhail Zadornov. Harry takes part in his TV concerts since 2004. Harry`s blog:

Second soloist of the musical band (since 2013); sings in English with a Norwegian accent, because he learned Estonian at school.

Soloist of the Latvian National Opera. He dances, drinks and morally degrades in the band Mad Show Boys. He loves the pink colour and divine singing of Andris Lapins.

Musical shaman. He plays all instruments, including the Hungarian lip comb and Albanian pliers. In addition to participation in the band Mad Show Boys, he is a leader of a group Crazy Dolls. He practices witchcraft on the arrangements, recording and mixing. 

Showman, radio speaker, a governor of Zasulauks, the honoured pirate of the Republic of Latvia (12th place at “Eurovision-2008” in the group Pirates of the Sea). He performs functions of shprechshtalmeister, God of dances and antoniobanderas in the group Mad Show Boys.

A mysterious person. Neve takes off his mask. Rumor has it him is Justin Bieber. He performs functions of a slave in the group. In some songs he is even allowed to sing as encouragement, however, by a female voice.   

The world`s first deaf-and-dumb bassist. Bad-singer, actors in videos, a dancer at the site, a lonely carpenter.  Also, he is a legendary plumber Fedor.

A stepbrother of Marilyn Manson. He was the main vocalist in the group until 2013. Currently he is undergoing rehabilitation after treatment of on the musical dependence. However, his loyal fans (6 and a half people) believe that he will break again…