A musical band Mad Show Boys (Russian version of the name – “Opozdavshiye k Letu”) was established approximately in 2009 in Riga. However, some of its members continue appearing so far. And it all started with...

Biography of the Musical Band Mad Show Boys 

  • Harry Polskiy, who has written about 500 songs in Russian, Latvian, Czech and Swahili, finally decided to make a musical band.  He was helped by a brontosaurus of the Latvian music Midis (Aldis Zalyuksnis), providing his musical studio Podval-records and services of an arranger. Harry`s friend becomes a soloist – unemployed at this time Alexander Veselov (Buntars Isulis). Later the magnificent Martins Kits, sun-like Andris Lapins, incomparable  Janis Vaisla,  despicable  Mister X and deaf-and-dumb bassist Stanislav Bogdanov (Dr. Power) joined the group.
  • The name Mad Show Boys  Polskiy stole from his favourite groups Madness and Pet Shop Boys,  however, it was decided to take a second name in order to conquer the Russian-speaking audience  - “Opozdavshiye k Letu”.  
Russian „pseudonym” of the band Podval Records
  • The musical band releases its album “Vkluchite ulybalnicki!” (in Russian) titled as “Opozdavshiye k Letu”. 6 songs of the album get into constant rotation of the Riga radio stations: “Liechtenstein”, “Capital (Song About Riga”), “SMS”, “I did not Go to Karate”, “Living in the Network” and „Swimming Season”.
  • In December 2010 the band plays during the prize award of the channel “ОЕ ТВ”, where it is presented in two nominations:  “Discovery of the Year” and “The Best Video of the Year” (the video for the song “Maniac Stole My Baby”).        
Performance during the prize award of the channel “ОЕ ТВ” Screen from the video“Maniac Stole My Baby”
  • Mad Show Boys takes the 3rd place in the super final of the Latvian National selection for „Eurovision-2012” with a humorous song “Music Thief”
  • In spring of 2012 the band records the first world`s song, sung in a duet with a robot-translator of Google Translate (“Gooooogle Girl”)


  • The musical band releases an album “Sorry for Bad English!” (in English). 5 songs of the album get into rotation of the Latvian, Belorussian, Estonian and Russian radio stations: “Music Thief”, “Gooooogle Girl”, “Surreal World”, “Kisses in the Night” and “I  Need a Soul-Twin”
  • With the help of the song “I Need a Soul - Twin” the group take place in the semi-final of the Latvian National selection for “Eurovision-2014”
  • Currently the musical band is recording a new album, including songs in Russian and Latvian.  The working title of the album is “Rīgas KvaziModes”
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